Posted: October 1, 2009 in RPG

alternity-phOkay so every once in a while I try out a new RPG.  Sometimes I really like it sometimes I don’t.  So far Alternity has really impressed me.

Way back in 1998 TSR introduced a game called Alternity it was a generic sci-fi game built to be able to run modern games all the way to far flung future games.  Several setting, adventure and suppliment books were produced.  During that time TSR was taken over by Wizards of The Coast.  Shortly after that Wizards of the Coast picked up the rights to Star Wars.  Instead of supporting an older system WOTC decided to use its d20 engine instead of Alternity and Alternity subsequently fell to the way side.

Which in my opinion is a shame.  This RPG is really interesting.

I know what your thinking get on with it.  What oh random blog guy is so amazing about an RPG that died 8 years ago.

Well first off is the task resolution system.  You have two main dice for rolling task, you have control die which is always a d20 and a situation die which is modified by you guessed it the situation.  Instead of using static modifiers like +2 to jump, you would get a -1 bonus or +1 penality. Yes I know what you are thinking “How can a -1 be a bonus?”.  Well it is simple when you roll for any task you roll a situation die and a control die.  If you get under your skill rank than you succeed.  All situations start at a +dzero which means you don’t roll a situation die.  However when the situation changes you get penalties or bonuses based on the situation.  So lets us the jump example lets say you want to jump over a 3 foot hole in the ground normally you would roll your control die and sense nothing really modifies the siuation you don’t roll a situation die.  Now lets say their is a trampoline in front of the hole and the GM says you get a -2 die bonus which means you get a d6 to subtract from your d20 roll.  That’s it that is the system.

Say no to Hit Points

Another thing I like about the system is it doesn’t use hit points it instead tracks your health with 4 types of damage. Stun, Wound, Mortal, and Fatigue.  The damage inflicted is determined by what type of weapon and how good the roll is.  So for example if I with a nat 1(Critical Success) with a sword it will probably drop you, but if I shoot you with a Laser with barely a success(just barely under you skill) then I might drop you.  Where as if I got the same score with a sword than I just mildly damaged you.

I know some of this doesn’t make sense but if you get a chance look into the game.  If your tired of “d20” then also take a look at the game.

Make sure you check out

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