So it begins

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Misc.

So I have thought about creating a blog for a while now.  I finally took the whole 2 mins it takes to set one up and here I am(thanks wordpress).

First, I thought I should give a shout out to the bloggers that gave me inspiration to start a blog.  ChattyDM at ,, is a great site please check him out.  Also please check out Geeks Dreamgirl ,, E is talented writer and provides many insights to the geek girl’s mind.  Two others I enjoy reading is Stupid Ranger,, and Wrath of Zombie,

Well the main idea of this blog is to provide an outlet for my thoughts and opinions so in this vein I guess my first post should be such.

My first opinion could also be considered a way to live life.  I try to live this everyday somedays I am successful others I am not.  Anyway here is my thought: Take responsibility for your own actions.  Now lets take a look at what that means.  Now some people might believe that this means if you hit somebody expect to be hit back.  But what my opionion means is Take responsibility for all you actions.  Lets do an example a classic amongst kids “My teacher gave me a bad grade because she doesn’t like me.”  Now my question would be what did you do that made your teacher not like you.  Because I highly doubt teachers pick a random kid in class and say I don’t like that one.  Usually a person doesn’t like you because of something you have said or done.  Lets try another example, and one I used  “Girls don’t like me because of ….” this statement is usually true.  However, this is the point you have to decide is the reason the girls don’t like you really worth you not finding love and if not there is only one person who can change that.  I am going to close with one more example, “I hate what the government is currently doing.”  Now this one is interesting because people don’t realize by inaction they are compounding the problem.  Lets say that a new law is being proposed they everybody can’t wear purple.  Now if everybody sits around and says nothing then how is the government supposed to know that you don’t like these new laws.  There is only one person to blame in most aspects of your life and usually it is in one shape or another that the reason you are unhappy is because it didn’t take responsibility for your own actions.

Oh and hopefully this will be the only post that is like this I hope to keep a lighter tone in the future.

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