Augmented Reality

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Computers

So over the past couple of years I have let technology pass me by.  Well I decided it is time I start getting back into technology and see what is coming out and all the new trends.  So I am reading a blog that mentions a new app for your iPhone.  Let me tell you this is pretty neat.  What this app does is take GPS data, cross reference with a mapping software and then merges it all with your built in camera.  So let say you are in New York and you want to go to the nearest McDonalds.  You pull out you handy dandy iPhone type in McDonalds point your phone at the street and on your screen you will see not only what the camera is taking picture of  but directions on how to get somewhere overlayed on the image.

Now as some of us are gamers, we are used to this.  Most of been using a HUD for decades.  But to have actual technology like this working in a day to day environment.  Lets think of an example.


The teacher either has a pair of classes or a labtop in front of him that has a web cam pointed at the class.  Then with combining that with facial recognition you have the students name appear over their head to get a class roster.

Another cool thing I saw was a business card when put up in front of a webcam had a little animated figure on it.  Which I thought was pretty cool.

Well if you have no idea what I am talking about go to wikipedia or youtube and type in Augmented Reality.

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