I hate flying enemies in video games

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Video Game

So a little while ago I was dragged kicking screaming into the World of Warcraft.  My impression so far is not bad.  But my topic is not about WoW itself but one of its monster.  The Fleshripper which flies around in Westfall and pretty much attacks anything in sight.  Now this wouldn’t be to bad but of course I am playing a mage you for some reason is always getting into melee fights.  But anyway so I would fight these beast and almost defeat one and then another would show up and finish me off.  I would die and then head to my dead body to get rezzed.  But here is the fun thing since these bastards attack anything they see I die almost instantly because the moment I get up they swarm me.  This has got me thinking I hate video game flying enemies.  Like I am playing ODST currently and the flying aliens.  Then I go back to my past and think about other flying critters.  The damn flaming bats in Zelda and not to mention the ducks in Duck Hunt.  Is it just me or are flying enemies tough.

  1. robbie bobbie says:

    My video game bane has always been the “Confusion” effect, under whatever name the current game happens to be calling it. Like, seriously, in the middle of the epic boss fight the last thing I need is for my strongest guy to be spinning in a circle and attacking anything at random; including himself! Whoever came up with this aggravatingly unnecessary character status in the first place needs to be dragged into the street in the middle of the night, shot several times, and then buried in an unmarked grave.

    That being said, I must admit, I have used Dominate to great effect against players in DnD games….

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