Favorite Fictional Creature

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Books, Movies, RPG, Video Game

Okay so as you might have seen a few post ago I don’t like zombies.  I started thinking and I realize that I am too thrilled with many other fiction creatures either.  I mean Vampires are okay, werewolves are alright, hell I am not really impressed with dragons.  I then started thinking about friends of mine and the fictional creatures they are obcessed with.  Like I have a friend who loves dragons and I realized she wants too be free from her current life she wants to be able to swoop down and eat what she wants and then fly away again.  I have another friend who loves werewolves.  He has always been smart and usually too smart for his own good.  But he actually earns too be strong in body and in health.  I have another friend who loves vampires and found out he loves to screw with peoples minds and make them do his bidding.  I looked through my friends and then I looked at myself and relized I have a favorite fictional creature:  The Mage.  I know I am intelligent but I want to be smarter than what I am and the Mage represents that through their study of the Arcane arts.

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