Movies that are good

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Movies

I was not alive to enjoy Star Wars for the first time in theaters.  Actually I was only 2 when Return of the Jedi came out.  But I was introduced to Star Wars at a young age.  I was always into sci-fi and as I grew so did my interest in it.  I am full grown adult now who still loves Star Wars all of the films.  That is right all of them.  Now don’t get me wrong there are moments in all of them that I don’t like.  Ahem MediClhorians.  But overall I enjoyed and I am sick and tired of people mouthing off about how that didn’t like the prequels or the bastardation as one blog so elegantly put it.  Why do people feel the need to grind the things you love into the ground?  I believe you are entitled to your opionion however it shouldn’t be put in a way or said in a way that affect other peoples opionion.  For example lets use the phrase “The prequels which are a bastardization of the original trilogy.”  And lets turn it into I didn’t really care for the prequels but no for some reason people have to throw out there opionion and hope it hits someone in the face.  And what am I supposed to say in retalation.  Nothing to say.  Actually you know what I think there is something I could say which is “I liked Star Wars, all the movies and you are an idiot”.

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