Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter

Posted: October 14, 2009 in RPG

For the past two or three months I have not GMed a single game.  See I experienced something every gamer runs into: BURNOUT.  Yes the dreaded burnout I am pretty sure I have made a full recovery and I am ready to sit in the chair.

So my players have been asking to continue their characters from 6 months ago, whcih were 11th level 4th ed Dungeons and Dragons.  (Please no flame wars)  So as it has been to long in between campaings I have decided to start a new one but with the same characters or new ones at 11th level depending on the players choice.  After thinking  about I have finally decided to run the majority of the adventure in the abandoned city of Neverwinter.  The first game is tonight hopefully I can post a recap tomorrow.

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