Neverwinter’s Resurrection

Posted: October 15, 2009 in RPG

The first game of my new campaign was last night.  All in all it went well.  Most of the group had new character and since those characters were 11th level they didn’t quite know everything about their characters(quick aside this is one of the reasons I like starting at first level, by eleventh level you know what your character knows).  Most of the adventure was them getting into character and asked to go on a mission.



Rob – Ki – amun, Genasi Sword Mage

Toro – Azcheron, Dragonborn Fighter

Ashley – Nad – ai – Li, Genasi Sword Mage

John – Jin, Changeling Assassin

Rowbag – Durrz, Orc Barbarian

Several of the players had interesting back stories, I love back stories so usually when someone gives me one I use and usually give them an in game reward.

Rob had decided he wanted his personality to match the manifestation his Genasi was currently using.

Durrz had a talking sword.  I gave him a sword that had an elf psion’s psicrystal in the core of the blade.

Why are we in Waterdeep?

The character had been contacted through one way or another to Lord Never’s house in Waterdeep.  He treated the character to a feast and than asked them to do some work for him.  Lord Never revealed that one of his ancestors was the original founder of Neverwinter, Lord Never actually group us somewhere else.  Lord Never went on to tell the heroes that during the Spellplague and the years that followed Neverwinter was ruined and its people scattered.  Lord Never wants to restore Neverwinter to its former glory.  He had sent out others to scout, a group called the Rangers.  He has not heard back from the Rangers.  He wants the heroes to look for the Rangers, find out what is going on in the town and if possible exterminate anything dangerous in the city.  He agreed on the player suggested price of 1,000 gp each.

The heroes start there trek The next morning the players disembarked.  They traveled for a day and a half and had two combats, a dire bear and eight phase spiders(which the phase spiders were kinda fun to play.)  The combats were standard fare and were not meant to be that hard.  During the night Azcheron and Ki – amun found a piece of black cloth, which Ki-amun did a streetwise and remembered that the Rangers are known to dress all in black.

After game thoughts I really like the XP system I use.  When designing the adventure I still use my XP budget per encounter.  Put a give the group a base XP reward of 1/3 of what they need to level.  Then I give them bonuses for role playing and cool things they did during the game.

Azcheron can put out a lot of damage.

4e combat still seems way too long.

Phase spiders are fun.

It was fun being back in the DMing chair, however I am still rusty and I have decided to go to the library and see if they are any good books on storytelling.

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