Neverwinter’s Resurrection Game 2

Posted: October 23, 2009 in RPG

For a second week in a row I had a really good time DMing. We actually got started at a good time and the game went pretty well. And for the first time in a long time I had a player actually ignore an incredibly obvious plot hook and I had to improve pretty much half the session but that is what I like about RPGs when players go left when you had planned for right.

Cast Me – DM

Row Bag – Durrz, Orc Barbarian with a greatsword which contains a elf psycrystal in the center

Rob – Ki – amun, Genasi Swordmage

Ryan – Azcheron, Dragonborn Fighter

Ashley – Nada- Lai, Genasi Swordmage

That is what happens when you send an Orc to scout ahead

Before resting for the evening Ki-amun cast a ritual that allows him to look into an objects pass. He picked up the piece of black fabric they found last game session and he saw a frosty white creature that resembled an elf tearing at something, he saw a human with a black beard and scar on his right eye and finally he saw a man crawling away with blood and guts leaking out onto the snow. The heroes wake up in the morning and start heading towards Neverwinter. About five hours into their journey they can finally see a walled city. They continue on but a few feet later Durrz trips over a body in the snow. The heroes see a frozen elf in the ground. Ki-amun informs the party this is the creature from his ritual.


The heroes finally reach the gates of Neverwinter. Azcheron starts knocking on the gate and yelling a greeting. While Durrz starts climbing the gates. Azcheron shortly follow Durrz and then Nada-Lai follows after. The heroes see the city of Neverwinter spread out before them. What was once a city that the cold could not touch it was now frozen. (I had to take some liberties with Neverwinter 4e destroyed the city with the spell plague and I could not find a map for it so I designed it the way I wanted it) The heroes see a city surrounded on three sides with a wall on the fourth side was the ocean. Around the city in front of the walls was a waterbed like a moat on the inside of the city opposed to outside. In the center of town a statue can be seen. So the players decide to head towards the center of town. As they are passing an inn Nada-Lai observes movement in one of the windows, she doesn’t tell anyone about this and keeps following the group.(This was the obvious plot hook I referred to earlier). The heroes continue on and get ambushed by a horde of frozen creatures. The heroes had a tough time killing the creatures, everytime they would “kill” one of them it would get back up in a few seconds and continue the fight. Eventually the heroes discovered fire actually kills the creatures and made quick work of them after that.

A Statue in the Center of Town

The heroes make into the center of town and closely examine the statue there. They find out the statue is of the founder of the city Lord Never. On closer examination they find that the armor has a gap in it where someone could reach their arm in between the chest and the armor. Through some trial and error and with the aid of Ki-amun casting a ritual that allows him to see secret doors and then casting a ritual to unlock locked doors. The heroes figure out how to rotate the statue and find a door and a set of stairs leading into the darkness. The heroes travel into an underground waterway. They travel for a little while and find a door. The Orc decides to smash down the door and as he does so he gets ambushed by four Ice Archons the heroes fight and win. They decide to bed down in this room for the night.

Lessons Learned

– One of my favorite things in RPG’s is to figure how to use a tool for something it really wasn’t designed for. Like for example I once used an arrow to jam a door shut. However, Nada-Li had no fire effects to use against the Zombies and she felt useless, she evidently doesn’t like finding ways to use other things around her.

– I think I have finally found one of the factors that have been driving down my games.

– Not worrying about killing characters and just telling the story brings up a game.

– Roleplaying scenarios are hard to create inside a dead frozen city.

– I have a found a new way to take notes for my scenarios that I really like.

  1. robbie bobbie says:

    I tried to use Ki-amun to give more roleplaying opportunities. I was in Windsoul most of the time, which as you know I decided is his extremely selfish personality. I tried to give the others opportunities to confront me, but they usually just took what I said and moved on. I will try harder next time.

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