Neverwinter Resurection Part 3

Posted: October 30, 2009 in RPG

Well this game didn’t go as well in my opinion. We got off to a late start. People kept poking their head into the room and Skype decided it didn’t want to work.

Me – DM

Row Bag – Durrz, Orc Barbarian with a greatsword which contains a elf psycrystal in the center

Rob – Ki – amun, Genasi Swordmage

Ryan – Azcheron, Dragonborn Fighter

Ashley – Nada- Lai, Genasi Swordmage

Orc Bobsledding

So the next morning the heroes awake and continue exploring the waterways.   They walk to the next door and open to find nothing but rags. On further investigation they find a dagger amongst the rags with the emblem of the Rangers on it.   Ki-amun and Nada-Lai sensed magic on it and learned that it contained a tracking spell on it.   Azcheron decides to keep the dagger and puts it into his bag.   Meanwhile Nada-Lai decides she is going to steal it from Azcheron and does so.   Then the heroes travel further to the next door before they enter the door they see that the waterway starts to take a sharp slope.   In the next room they find a circular formation with a cube floating above it.   The cube had draconic written on it which Azcheron decides to read aloud.   As he finished the phrase, which was “Do not read this aloud or gas will spray forth”, the cube starts spraying gas.   Everyone but Ki-amun was unaffected. Ki-amun decides to try figure out how the cube worked.   Meanwhile Azcheron already bored decided to investigate further and controls himself while sliding down the slope.   He gets to the edge and sees a cylinder shaped room with pipes and walkways intermingled.   He just finished surveying this when he hears a “Weeeeeee!!!” and the sound of something sliding on the ice.   Azcheron turns around and sees Durrz barreling towards him, Azcheron gets out of his way and Durrz goes flying over the edge.   Durrz proceeds to hit every pipe and walk way on the way down to the bottom of the room.

To climb or Fly

As Azcheron and Durrz are playing in the tunnel Ki-amun finishes his ritual on the cube and discovers that it did exactly what it was supposed to do.  He then cast another ritual that makes a lift that he then goes and finds out what happened to Durrz and Azcheron.  Durrz and Azcheron meanwhile decide to scale a nearby wall where 40 feet up from their position they see a faint glow.  They climb up the wall, Durrz and Azcheron reach the top of the wall and see a sloped frozen waterway going up they keep climbing it.  In the middle of the waterway they hear Ki-amun approaching with Nada-Lai.  Durrz hops on with Ki-amun but Azcheron stubbornly keeps climbing.

Behind the Illusion Curtain

As they all reach the top of the waterway they rest as they are resting they here chanting coming from the room but they can’ see anybody.  Durrz runs into the room and all of sudden sees 20 frost Zombies, a Huge zombie and the ugliest Eladrin he as ever seen.  The others quickly join the battle.  At the end of the battle Durrz demands the Eladrin surender and she is about to do it when Azcheron hits her sheild and she snaps out of it.  The Eladrin teleports through the portal she was creating during battle.  The heroes see some Frost giants and what looks like frozen fire before the portal winks out.

Lessons Learned

Pay attention to the monster’s special abilities.

-Need to find a way to get a normal start time.

-Relax, the game is meant to be fun.  It is not my lose if the Players miss half the adventure because they are not paying attention to me.


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