Neverwinter Resurection Part 4

Posted: November 6, 2009 in RPG

This game was very fun in my opinion.  It started out rough but in the end turned out good.  However, one of my players is not currently happy with the game.  He says it is because of 4e (I have to admit I have my reservations about 4e myself) but I am not sure there isn’t something else.

Me – DM

Row Bag – Durrz, Orc Barbarian with a greatsword which contains a elf psycrystal in the center

Rob – Ki – amun, Genasi Swordmage

Ryan – Azcheron, Dragonborn Fighter

Ashley – Nada- Lai, Genasi Swordmage

Chris- Galdren, Eladrin Rogue

What do we do now

The heroes are now in a big room with Frost Zombies whom seem to be incapacatated.  When they decide to start looting the bodies.(Which I thought was funny they hadn’t been doing that the entire game)  When Ki-amun and Nada-Lai see a magic auru floating around.   They relize it is someone invisible and the party demands they make themselves visible.  An Eladrin comes out of the shadows and says he just came through the portal the “Mage” created. (Now the quick and dirty of what happened after this.  Azcheron gives the new comer a fire sword, says he will need it to fight frost zombies.  Nada-Lai who for the entire game has had no way to kill the frost zombies sees this and demands that she get the fire sword instead.  A fight ensues.  “The DM was worried their might be a TPK”.  But it was stopped luckily Ki-amun remember he could enchant weapons and make a fire sword.  He dives into the ritual and produces one.)(A quick side not I hate inner party fighting, inner party bickering is fine.  But a party should not fight and I think I am going start trying to discourage it.  Maybe neg XP would do.)  So the heroes head out of the sewers and back into the city.  The newcomer which call himself Galdren, says that the portal led to the Craggs, a mountain range to the east.  So the players decide to head that way.

Ogres have layers

The heroes walk for several hours until Durrz saw some Ogres in the forest he tells the entire party to be quiet.   Durrz hides behind a tree deciding what to do.  An Ogre comes out on to the road and says “Where is Orc I saw an Orc.”  Azcheron charges the Ogre.  A fight breaks out.  The heroes emerge mostly unscathed.  They decide to camp here for the night.

Lessons Learned

–  With 5 adults living in my house it is hard to get a quiet room for four hours.

– Players are still wanting more out of me.  To throw roleplaying encounters their way.  Kinda hard to do that in a frozen city.

–  My DM burnout is gone.  Players were throwing out criticisms and I was taking and not getting upset.

– Still need to practice my storytelling technique.

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