D & D Essentials

Posted: December 10, 2010 in RPG, Uncategorized

Wizards has published a new line for 4e called Essentials.

What is Essentials? Basically it is for new players of 4e.  However, there seems to be alot of updates that make 4e more palatable for the people who prefer 3.5.   What is cool is all the books are 20 bucks a pop opposed to the normal 30-40 and in small paperback format so they are more portable.

How does it play? I unfortunately have not been able to play or run an Essentials game but I am excited to do so.

Are my 4e books outdated? Nope.  The new books cover new class options.  So for anybody that plays 4e already these are more like supplements.

The line looks neat and I promise to put a review up once I get to run or play the game.

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