Favorite Video Games of All My Life

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Video Game

A friend and I were talking about out favorite video games today and I decided to make a list.  I have owned pretty much every mainstream system since I received my Nintendo when i was 8, which I proudly state is still sitting in my living room.  So on to the List:

1)  Legend of Zelda: Ocrania of Time

2) Batman: Arkham Asylum

3)  Super Mario 64

4) Infamous

5) Assassin Creed 2

6) Mass Effect

7) Crackdown

8) Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

9) New Super Mario Bros.  DS

10) Spiderman 2

11)  Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

12) Burnout 3

13) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Pretty much all of them)

14) Simpson Hit and Run

15) Dead or Alive 4

16) Tony Hawk (all of them Thru Underground 2)

17) Fable Seires

18) Halo Series

19) Age of Empires

20) Super Mario Galaxy

21) Red Dead Redpemption

22) Splinter Cell Conviction

23) Ninja Gaiden 2

24) Portal

Honorable Mentions:  I have only played the demo for Just Cause 2 but that seemed fun.  I really liked Mass Effect 2 but I enjoyed the first one alot more.

I honestly have no real rhyme or reason why a certain game made it here and others didn’t these were the games I was thinking about at the time and that I enjoyed the most.  I have never really played any video game RPG’s so that is why they are absent from this list.

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