My Childhood self finally gets the toy he always wanted

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Computers

A young ashimar sits in front of the TV watching the crew of the Enterprise tackling major issues for the federation.  However, ever once in awhile they relax, the could go to the Holodeck(which is coming closer to reality with the advent of the Kinect) or they could go to 10 Forward and enjoy a beverage and the newest book.  But Star Trek characters rarely read paper books they pull out their trusty PADD.

A PADD is a Personal Access Data Device.  Apple in April released the iPad.  Now the more immature and sex crazed lunatics of the world like to associate the name with Maxi Pads.  The iPad is not a feminine napkin it is a Tablet PC.  I bought one in June.

iPad simply rocks.

Okay lets do the drawbacks first.  Price, for the lowest model you are going to have to lay down 500 bucks and the highest is 850.  No USB support.  No Adobe Flash playback(which has not been an issue).  No SD card support.  No onboard camera.

Now the awesomeness.  First off Battery Life 10 hours, of course it changes according to use but for the most part is consistent around 10 hours.  Tons and tons of Free Apps, I check the app store several times a week for free apps.  PDF viewer for a 1.99 you can pick up a PDF reader that works great.  Ebooks, a year ago I was looking into ebook I almost bought a Nook.  But the iPad has so much more plus you can download free apps for the other reader formats outthere.  So if you find a Kindle book cheaper than an ibook you just download the kindle book to your kindle app.  Internet browsing is a breeze and most website are going away from Flash and adopting HTML 5 so iPad not having Flash is not an issue.

Now the question should you get an iPad.  Well you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

1.)  Do I play a lot of computer game?   If the answer is no because the iPad does not have the horse power of a computer.

2.)  Do I want to use it for Note taking at school? The answer is maybe.  The keyboard is easy to use but still feels a little cramped.  I have not tried a blue tooth keyboard to see if this fixes that.

3.)  Do I have the money for it?  Here again that is up to you it is a little pricey.

4.)  Will I be able to read books?  I say yes.  The screen automatically adjusts to the ambient light so reading is not painful.  When reading you quickly forget that you are holding a computer and get absorbed.

5.) Would I be happier with a netbook?  I would have to say no.  If it comes to a contest between a netbook and iPad, get the iPad.  Netbooks are fully functional computers however they do not have the power to run what who want them to run.  You quickly find yourself wishing you had a labtop.  The iPad does not pretend to be a labtop.  All the Apps are designed with iPads power in mind.

I highly suggest you go to Best Buy or your local Apple Store and try an iPad out.



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