Christmas at my house

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Misc.

We celebrated Christmas at my humble abode last night.  My lovely wife got me everything I could possibly want and then some.  I likewise got everything I could think of for her.  Our two roommates told us they were happy with their presents.  The new dad who was crashing on our couch for the evening, also got a few gifts.  As I grow older I find myself thinking about my traditions, my ethics, my morals and my ethics, you know stuff that makes me, well me.  I have always loved Christmas and not because I get stuff, I mean I do like receiving stuff, I certainly liked a video game I received from a regular reader of this blog.  But I also like Christmas because in my opinion it is a time where we put aside our daily lives and we try in one way or another to make someone elses life better.  Myself I find the best way to make someones life better is by getting them something.  Nothing gives me a better feeling then seeing someone drop all the other presents they got and pick up mine and hurriedly unwrap it, to play, to read, or to watch it.  I think that is what surprises about how a lot of people seem to hate Christmas.  I mean hate with a capital “H”.  I don’t hate anything or anyone, I believe to have hatred in your heart you allow it to corrupt you.  But back to Christmas I find myself wondering why someone hates Christmas.  Do they not have money to give someone the gifts they want, that was certainly a problem my mom had.  Did their parents always fight during Christmas.  Christmas can be hard on people.  However, I have also learned as I get older that I can’t change people’s minds all I can do is be certain of mine.  I can tell you with certainty that I love Christmas.


Merry Christmas !!!

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