2011 off to a good Start

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Books, Misc., RPG

I was at home playing Infamous when I heard my roommate come in the door last Tuesday.  I decided to chit chat.  His wife had been out of town for the past 4 days and I was wondering when she was coming back.  He looks at me and he says well I have been thinking about that.  He then proceeds to tell me that him and his wife are planning on moving back to their home town.  Now I don’t hate them or resent them, but for the last year my roommates had become an increasingly pain in the neck.  So when he told me they were moving I was hard not to jump for joy.

My wife and I rang in the New Year by cleaning the house and arranging how we want.  We also did a little shopping spree that we have been meaning to for awhile but just never got the chance.

Getting the house to what you like it to be opposed to what works is an amazing feeling.  Also to know that when you leave in the morning the house is going to be the way you left it when you come home.

We made some purchases as I stated early over the weekend.   One of them being in an impulse buy.  We needed a new TV for the living room so we picked up a new 46″ Samsung for the Living room.  We also picked up new cooking Knives.  Then we made a really cool impulse buy and if you have $200 laying around and you like soft drinks this might be a good purchase.  The Sodastream is a home soda maker, a 100 bucks gets you the counter top machine, a canister of CO2, a 12 pack of sample drinks, and 2 1 liter pressurized bottles.  The extra 100 is for your favorite drinks and extra bottles.  Plus my wife and I bought an extra CO2 tank.  All weekend we have been experimenting and I currently think I got Cherry Cola down pat.  We are still working on Mountain Dew and I hope to perfect Root Beer.

Three weeks ago my gaming group was playing D20 future.  Well holidays got in the way and I had to cancel several games.  However Saturday we decided to play.  We had two problems.  The first problem was one of my roommates was a player and his character was pretty central to the story.  The second problem was another player wouldn’t be able to make it.  So I found a new player and we decided to play Dungeons and Dragons Essentials.  Now I have played and run regular 4e before but I haven’t ran an Essentials game only so we did.  Everybody loved it and what was intended to be a one off has become a campaign.

Hello 2011 lets hope this year continues on as great as it has started.

  1. bigbobbiek says:

    It is so nice to have the house look the way you want it to. Believe me, even 3 years later, I look around soe of my rooms and say “I love the paint job in here!” lol.

    Glad you can enjoy that too!

  2. aeromir says:

    YaY Freedom! Btw, your blog has inspired me to start one of my own. I also have plans on integrating it into games much like you did for the old 4E game last year.

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