More the Merrier

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Misc., RPG

My wife has a common saying “More the Merrier”.  For the most part I agree with her, she and I think when we invite people out to do something more the merrier.  I love going to the movies with a huge crowd of geeks.  There are a few cases where more the merrier is not the case.  One of being in Role Playing Games, once a party gets past 4 or 5 it gets to be too many people.  I have tried explaining this to her but doesn’t seem to get it, probably because she doesn’t roleplay herself.  Although as usual I find myself eating my words because I am now officially down 2 players.  So I will probably be adding someone else to the game luckily I have a few people to choose from and it seems like Saturday Night is a good night for everybody.

  1. aeromir says:

    Derrick would probably be a good choice, he seemed to really enjoy the one-off with our group. Just depends on if he is available on saturdays. who else did you have in mind?

  2. bigbobbiek says:

    It’s funny, if we don’t have a group of 6 anymore, I feel understaffed. Three years of 8+ player games is clearly showing on me, lol

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