New Game Room

Posted: January 11, 2011 in RPG, Video Game

For the last year or so I have become almost obsessed about making the perfect Gameroom.  I have put in hours of research and I have created two game rooms each one having its strengths and weaknesses.  However, my wife and I have decided to change rooms again.  This time the new game room is going to be 1 foot wider and 4 feet longer so hopefully I will be able to make this game room the ultimate game room.  Currently I will be putting a large book shelf, corkboard, a few posters, a mini fridge, a dry erase board, a GM’s table and a magnetic battlemat.  Any other ideas from cyberland?

  1. aeromir says:

    Well, a good addition may be to build or purchase something a little better than the scaffolding of combat, in case bigbobbiek joins another game via skype in the future.

    Also, a big issue in the old game rooms has always been the excess crap players bring in and excess stuff laying around the room. If there was somewhere things could be placed instead of against the wall or in a corner, the game room would remain much less cluttered and messy. Something simple like your wire-square shelving would probably work. Though gamers (especially me) are clumsy so you might think of something more sturdy.

  2. bigbobbiek says:

    But bags and books in the corner are a staple of any game room!

    I think, as far as clutter goes, everyone needs to remember to pick up after themselves, especially when you are not hosting the game. The host is being very generous by letting players come into their home and spend 4+ hours there at a time. Believe me, I know this!

    I have trouble with this sometimes even with the small weekly game. Last time I hosted, I came down stairs to find a an open Wendy’s cup and a sandwich wrapper on my couch. Just sitting there, happy as could be. Luckily, the guys hadn’t left yet, but they were damn close, and I made the offending player come clean up after themselves.

    I think as far as the gaming room goes, you should have a wall clock. Doesn’t have to be fancy, doesn’t have to be large. Just big enough to see wherever you are. That way, all times can be given by an easily readable clock, and everyone knows which clock they are going by. If game starts at 6, it’s 6 by that clock. Fifteen minute breaks end 15 minutes from the time currently displayed on that clock. Game ends at 10 by that clock. Not to mention, I think it would keep everyone on task. It’d be easier to focus more on what you are doing when you know how little time you have left to do it.

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