Saturday Night Game 1/1/11

Posted: January 11, 2011 in RPG

Saturday I kicked off a new campaign.  It was intended to be a one off but the players loved it and hope to continue.  We had decided to add a new player and we lost a player.  I also am going to try a few new things in this campaign and see how I like them.  Everybody sat down around 8:30 pm Saturday night and started writing up D & D Essentials characters at level 8.  I hadn’t really thought of anything until one of my players said he was going to play a Drow whos purpose in life was to kill Drow.  Then it hit me what if the characters were enemies of the Drow.  Then one of my players said it is characters goal to find an artifact worthy enough to be put in the grand hall of his dwarven people.   Another idea strikes me,  I tell that player to put a note on his sheet he will receive an extra 2,000 xp if his characters reaches his goal.  I then went around the table and did likewise to all the players.  We then started the game.

Dungeons and Dragon Essentials:  Game 1


Blue:  Drow Warpriest,  Armond,  Toro:  Dwarven Knight, Brahn,   Boogie:  Halfling Slayer, Grungi,  Row Bag:  Human Thief, Christof?

The party is in a tavern (where every great D & D game starts) they have just completed another successful adventure and they stopped at the town of Winterhaven to rest before they continue on.  They had been there for a couple of hours when a male Drow burst through the door.  He points to Armond and says “I want your head.”  He then points to everyone else in the party and says the same to them.  The Drow then makes a beeline straight to Armond, going through Brahn.  Brahn takes a swing at the Drow on his way through but doesn’t detour from his goal.  He strikes Armond and the fight surges.  The fight finally stops with a Drow dead by the front door of the tavern and the table the party was sitting around collapsed.  After the fight Armond notices an old man sitting at a table, he had been there for the whole fight.  Armond decides to talk to the old man.  The old man congratulates them on their fight and then asks them to do him a favor.  The old man tells the group that there is a green dragon in the forest which has an interesting artifact that he wants,  if the group retrieves it for him than they can keep anything else they find.  The group deliberates and decide to go after this item.  The old man tells them that the item is the Orb of Shadows.  The group then turns in for the evening.  The next morning the group goes different ways, Brahn has work done on his shield, Armond researches green dragons, Grugni(I am sorry I don’t remember what he did), Christof (did some researching can’t remember what), then went off to fight a green dragon.

They had traveled into the forest for hours without incident, when Christof saw a elf woman sitting under a tree reading a book in the middle of a swamp.  Thinking this was odd he decides to sneak closer and investigate.  As he crouched behind a mound of debris, the mound attacked him.  Another battle started as a second mound starting attacking the party.  As the battle continued a baslisk emerged from the swamp water and started attacking the party.  The party had almost defeated the mounds when the elf woman got up and turned into a hag and started attacking.  The party was getting a little worried.  When two trolls appeared they new they were in trouble.  They had defeated all the enemies except the two trolls and all of the group was exhausted.  They decided to run from the trolls.

End of Game 1

Lessons Learned:  The monster manual Encounter Groups are pretty challenging.

Things I am keeping:  I really liked the idea of a reward for reaching your characters goals.  D & D Essentials is pretty cool I never felt like anybody was unbalanced.

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