Saturday Night Game 1/8/11

Posted: January 11, 2011 in RPG

Dungeons and Dragon Essentials:  Game 2


Blue:  Drow Warpriest,  Armond,  Toro:  Dwarven Knight, Brahn,   Boogie:  Halfling Slayer, Grungi,  Row Bag:  Human Thief, Christof?

The group gathered together after the fight.  They decided to rest and travel around the area with the trolls.  They kept walking towards the green dragon and his hoard.  They eventually found the dragon hidden in his lair surrounded by a hedge of Daggerbriars.  The party immediately attacked the dragon rising it from slumber.  The battle was intense but no one died and the party emerged victorious.  The group quickly found the dragons horde and the Orb of Shadows.  They decided to sleep the night here thinking it be safe with the hedge of briars surrounding them.  In the morning the headed back to Winterhaven.  As they approached they could see smoke and here the sounds of battle.  As they approached they could see Drow torching the town.  The group thought about going to the next city but Armond charged into the town, the rest of the group followed.  The group defeated the Drow and searched their bodies.  Christof found a letter telling the Drow this letter came from to kill Armond and his friends and come to Nez ‘bel when it was complete.  The letter was signed by one of the Drow who destroyed Grugni’s village.

End Game 2

Things learned:  I still have trouble building properly challenging encounters.  The Drow fight was not meant to be real hard, but the players walked through it.



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