Saturday Night Game 1/15/11

Posted: January 17, 2011 in RPG

Dungeons and Dragon Essentials:  Game 3


Blue:  Drow Warpriest,  Armond,  Toro:  Dwarven Knight, Brahn,   Boogie:  Halfling Slayer, Grungi,  Row Bag:  Human Thief, Christof

The game started off with the group inside the burning town of Winterhaven.  The Drow had laid waste to everything.  The party split up Armond and Grugni went around town making sure no one was in burning building and then knocking them down in a manner that would make them collapse inwards.  Brawn and Christoff went around town gathering supplies, with no one in town they acquired a large amount of mundane items.  When this was done they went to the wizards tower.  They immediately opened the door and heard someone yelling from help upstairs.  They all ran up stairs and found a two Goliaths and a Tiefling in robes carrying a staff running a dagger through a wizards throat, the same wizard who had asked the players to retrieve the Orb of Shadows.  The Tiefling turned towards the group and said “Hand me the Orb.”  A fight ensued.  Gnomes came out of nowhere and attacked the party.  The group was almost defeated when they had defeated their last enemy.  They had consumed all but two of their healing potions.  They decided to spend the night in the tower.  The next morning Armond was able to Resurrect the wizard.  He was thankful for the new life so he enchanted all the heroes items.  Christoff spent time studying maps in the Wizards study and quickly determined the three likely spots that the Drow could have came from.  The group decided to investigate one of these spots in hopes of tracking down the Drow that was responsible for Winterhaven’s destruction.

If you would like more on the characters in the game here are two blogs written from the point of view of the characters.

For Brahn:

For Grugni:



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