Homebrew Midcyru

Posted: January 18, 2011 in RPG

A year ago or so I read a great novel series by Brent Weeks called the Night Angel Trilogy.  I fell in love with the setting so the next 3.5e game I ran I used the setting from the novels with a lot of changes.   After that game I played in a game that was steampunk and I thought the Midcyru setting would be awesome during that era.  I then went one step further and said what would happen if I ran 4e in Midcyru.  Here is the start of the changes to the setting for 4e.

Nevermine – The gnomes were the Catalyst for both the steam age and the start of the 4e age which we will call the Magic Age.  The gnomes were able to bring great technology to the people of Midcyru.  Technology was becoming prevalent and magic was dying.  The gnomes created the Warforged, technology Golems fused with souls.  Three centuries goes by.  Gnomes start experimenting with merging magic and machine.  An accident occurs that wipes out a 50 mile radius around Nevermine and destroys magic altogether.  The gnomes have seemed to been obliterated.  Without gnomes, machines break down and no longer function people go back to pre- industrial age.  Nevermine is forgotten in time.

Sephia – The city of Mages, almost is lost until 300 years after the Nevermine accident an Elf by the name of Celeana is able to cast a spell by using new techniques.  She quickly starts experimenting and is able to learn more spells.  She invites more mages to Sephia to learn and experiment with new spells.  In a 5 year period Sephia is flourishing and magic spreads throughout the land.

Seth Empire – During the time without magic the Seth Empire flourishes however the become very anti-non human.  They eventually close their borders and stay way from the main continent.  Any ship that has approached their island has never returned.  About the time Sephia is rediscovering magic Tiefling start appearing from the Seth Empire.  It seems the Seth became corrupt and made a pact with an evil entity to allow them to flourish.  The Seth were able to throw off their evil pact but were forever tainted.

Kalidor – The Kalidorans were affected greatly from the time without magic.  Without magic the Kalidorans lost their advantage and the slaves escaped.  For the next 300 years constant war is in Kalidor between the Yuan-ti and their former slaves, most cities are destroyed.  Both sides are decimated to near extinction then the slaves started changing they started to become stronger and heartier there bodies started to become dragon shaped.

Ymmir – Much is still not known about Ymmir.  For the last 1,000 years Ymmir has been quieter than normal.  Anyone heading beyond the borders never appears again.  Villages that live on the border say they hear weird sounds at night.

Cernia – Largly unaffected by the disappearance of magic.  Cernia City has become the crown jewel of Midcyru.  Cernia is now the center for the arts and culture.

Ceru – Was not affected by the disappearance of magic.  Ceru now stands as the best military in Midcyru.

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