It finally clicked

Posted: January 19, 2011 in RPG

On June 6, 2008 I got my hands on 4e, the newest version of Dungeons and Dragons.  I eagerly read through the PHB, skimmed the DMG and MM.  We ran several one shots, we learned the rules as best we can.  The first full length 4e campaign I ran started the September of 2008.  By February of 2009 my group switched to something else.  We played 4e a couple of other times but it just wasn’t as fun as other editions or other games.  A few months ago Essentials was announced and I once again started to get excited.  I bought the first character book and liked it alot.  Evidently WOTC listened to what the players were saying, they started fixing their mistakes.  Yes there are powers, yes everything is till measured in squares, and there are still healing surges.  But they finally made each class feel different.  It no longer feels like a first level wizard and a first level fighter are only separated by their flavor text.  I thought the changes would stop at the PHB, but I purchased the Monster Vault has been updated as well.  Monsters stats have changed they deal a reasonable amount of damage now.  I can finally plan my encounters correctly.  I am loving Essentials, yes it feels like WOTC once again made us waste money on another edition but at least this time the edition is pretty cool.  If you get a chance give Essentials a try.

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