Saturday Night Game 2/7/11

Posted: February 7, 2011 in RPG

After a 3 week break because of weather and players not being able to make it we continued our Essentials campaign.  A friend of mine had been helping work on the setting and in doing so he got attached to it and wanted to play.  We also had another player join the group.  The game was kinda late starting mainly because we had two character who needed to finish writing out there characters, I wanted to pick out the magic items for them and we had to finish setting up the new game table.


Blue:  Drow Warpriest,  Armond;  Toro:  Dwarven Knight, Brahn;   Boogie:  Halfling Slayer, Grungi;  Row Bag:  Human Thief, Christof/Dragonborn Hexblade;  New Guy:  Human Female Mage, Lydel;  BigBobbieK: Human Hunter, Garrus

The group woke up after resting.  While breaking up camp Christoff finally let know his apprehension be known about facing the Drow in their element.  The group decides to get better equipped before attacking the Drow.  They decide to travel to Toth a city in the neighboring country of Ceru.  While passing through Winterhaven on the way to Toth they encounter two travelers, a human female and human male.   The female Lydel tells the group of her plight to save her Mage school in the city of Nemark not 4 days ride from here.  The Drow have the school under siege.  Armond upon hearing of the Drows involvment imeadiatly volunteers to help.  The rest of the group follows suit except for Christoff who decides to part ways with the group.

The group embarks on a journey to Nemark to aid the Mage school.  They travel the road for two days when an attack finally comes.  7 Gnolls had set up along the road for travelers unfortunately the group dispatched pretty quickly.  During the fray a new adventure aided the group.  The new adventurer was a Dragonborn he quickly earns the anger of the entire group by implying that they were inferior to himself.  After making amends as best as he can the group continues on to Nemark.  Two more days go by uneventfully.  The group decides to camp for the evening.  While scouting the area they discover that Trolls have been in this area recently but Trolls tend to range pretty wide and they just decide to extra cautious.  As they are eating their evening meal several members of the party notice the wild life sound different about 15 minutes after they notice the wild life sounds the same individuals hear a feminine scream come from the forest.  Garrus is sent to investigate the sound.  After some scouting he finds a ruined city and thinks the sound came from there.  He reports back to the group and the group decides to investigate the city.  End of Session.

The Good

Good game.  Players really seem to be into their characters.  The new players fit into the group quite well.  The new game table made everyone feel closer to me as the DM and I loved having more space.

The Bad

Table was bigger than anticipated so my initial layout of the room didn’t pan out.  So once we got seated we pretty much had to stay that way.

The Ugly

I put a mini fridge into the room and put a piece of plastic underneath it to protect the carpet.  Evidently it was a cheap piece of plastic because every time someone accidentally put wait on it, it made a horrible crackling sound.

I also want to thank everybody for helping put the chairs together and setting up the table.


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