Saturday Night Game 2/13/20

Posted: February 15, 2011 in RPG


Blue: Drow Warpriest, Armond; Toro: Dwarven Knight, Brahn; Boogie: Halfling Slayer, Grungi/ Eladrin Thief Issac; Row Bag: Human Thief, Christof/Dragonborn Hexblade(Absent); New Guy: Human Female Mage, Lydel; BigBobbieK: Human Hunter, Garrus(Absent)

Garrus and Brahn arrived in the city first.  Garrus told Brahn he saw something and then disappeared into the night.  Brahn waited for the others when the group arrived the party went into the city.  As soon as the party entered the city some of the characters started hearing voices in their head.  As they explored the city they faced off against undead foes.  Grugni did not survive one of these fights.  The party also searched building in the city and each member of the party found an item that called to them in one way or another.  When a character touched the object it talked to them in their head.  Two of the characters decided to keep the objects.  The party moved further into the city they found the town circle where a fountain set and a tall mound of bone and earth.  When they tried to go around the mound attacked.  It was a long battle but everyone survived.  In mid battle the party was introduced to Issac an Eladrin looking for the Orb of the Forest.  After the battle the party decided to take shelter in a nearby building.  End Game.

My thoughts:

I introduced a new feat tree into the game, and saw that I still need to tweak it a little.  Before my players thinking I am wussing out one of the things I am going to change is that all damage types are changed to necrotic when using a power associated with this feat.  That is more in line with the flavor of the feat.

We also rearranged the game room a little and it seems more comfortable.

I am liking where the game is going and it is going to fun to see where it goes from here.


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