The Bluff Check

Posted: February 17, 2011 in RPG

Bluffing a wonderful skill any decent Rogue wouldn’t be caught dead without it. I mean think about it.  The crafty Rogue has just stolen a diamond right from Lady Doris he is sitting in an Inn enjoying a nice cup of victory ale.  When suddenly guards burst in through the doors and immediatly head towards the Rogue.  The look at him and say “You have taken Lady Doris’s prize diamond.”  The Rogue flashes his award winning smile and says “I have been here all night I have no idea what you are talking about.”  The guards leave the inn and the Rogue goes up to his room he pulls out the diamond and eyes his prize.

Since I have started DMing players have used Bluff on my NPC’s on numerous occasions.  I enjoy seeing a successful Bluff in some of my earlier games players could use Bluff almost in any situation and have it work for them in their favor.  However, players will also try to get by on “it’s technically true”.  First off if you have to say its technically true, then your probably lying.

Lets see an example:  Darth Vader strolls abroad Leia’s ship.  His troops have captured Leia.  She says Lord Vader you have attacked a diplomatic ship on a diplomatic mission.  He says you are a liar and a rebel spy.

Now Leia was technically telling the truth.  She was on a diplomatic ship and she was on a diplomatic mission, just not for the Empire.  However she knew she was lying.  Hence the need to Bluff.

Next time you try to run a “Technically True” statement by your GM think to yourself is there any part of this statement that is not true.  If it is then you better use Bluff my friend.

  1. bigbobbiek says:

    In regards to the “Technically True” statement, I offer a word to all of my fellow GM’s:

    Use Bluff not only for outright lying, but for any time a player tries to HIDE the truth. In your example, yes, Leia was technically telling the truth. But she WAS HIDING something from Vader. He might not have known what, but he KNEW she was hiding something.

    I think this is a very important decision. When your player gets caught by the guards sneaking out to meet with shady people, and he says “I’m going for a walk!” yes, that is technically true, but he is still trying to hide his intentions from the guards, and thus he requires a bluff check. Just because you told the truth, doesn’t mean that the guards might not realize you’re up to something else.

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