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Posted: March 1, 2011 in Computers

Back in 2003 I decided I was going to get a bigger hard drive for my mom’s computer.  I had got an older computer for her a year or two before.  It wasn’t anything great but it ran Win 98 okay and got on the internet.  The hard drive however was small.  I decided she needed a bigger one.  Well, I went the cheap route I got a used hard drive for her.  I put it into my computer first to make sure it worked.  It did.  I quickly formatted it and unhooked it from my computer.  I put my computer case back together and sit down to play on the internet.  I flipped the switch and heard a crackling sound falling, a pfft sound, a little cloud of smoke floated up in the air and I started to smell the smell, you know the smell that says you just screwed up big time.  I reopened my computer and found the problem.  See I bought all my computer at that time second hand.  I didn’t have much money so the guy i had bought this computer from had spliced wire for the case fan and had left exposed wires.  So when I closed my computer case it made contact on the metal case and there went my power supply.  I had been thinking about getting a new computer anyway I just going to wait another six months.  I went to my local computer shop.  I picked up a new motherboard, a new cpu and a new case all for a really good price.  I put all the new stuff in the case and turned on the computer.  It flashed video, played a bunch of beeps and then shut off.  I messed with it for hours.  Finally took it back to the computer store.  The guy said i had crushed the cpu.  Whoops.  I bought another cpu had the guy put it on for me and went home and tried again.  The computer came to life.  Awesome.  However windows was not happy with the new motherboard.  I decided to reinstall windows, no big deal.  Two days later after trying for two days I took the computer to another computer shop and had them test it.  All of the components came back with problems the new ones and old ones.  At this point I am out close to 300 bucks and a week of my time.  I went home that day and looked through my mail.  I saw an advertisement for Dell.  I could get a complete system for 800 bucks.  17″ Monitor, Speakers, the tower, keyboard and mouse.  All I had to do was call them and start a credit account.  I said to myself I am tired of dealing with junk pcs and yes in theory you can build cheap pcs.  However, that evening when I called Dell, it took 30 minutes of my time and two weeks later a new computer was at my door.  My in-laws are currently using this same computer that i bought 8 years ago.  From that point on I have always bought premade computers.  It is the point in my life where I decided my time is valuable and spending a week working on a computer is not my idea of fun.

Fast forward to the year 2011.  My wife and I have started to play WOW together.  She looks over my shoulder and see that my graphics are the lowest setting possible.  I can barely see 30 feet in front of my character.  She has her settings on the highest you can get.  She looks at me and says you need a new computer.  To a geek that is like music to the ears.  If you ever watched Home Improvement when Jill told Tim he could go all out on something.  That is how I felt at the moment.  (Now in all honesty I did not by any means go all out.  Because I don’t want to take a car loan out for a computer.)  I jump on Dell’s website and build a couple of computers.  Then I shop around other stores.  Sure enough as usual Dell is cheaper.  So I order it up and it should be here in a few days.

The whole point of this really long winded story is now I have a computer that can run modern games and I find myself daunted by my choices.


  1. bigbobbiek says:

    Too bad all your service calls go to someone you can’t understand. MWAHAHAHA!

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