Saturday Night Game 3/12/11

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

A month hiatus from game lucklity most of the players remembered what was going on.  We had two new players and a couple absent.


Blue: Drow Warpriest, Armond(Absent); Toro: Dwarven Knight, Brahn; Boogie: Halfling Slayer, Grungi/ Eladrin Thief Issac; Row Bag: Human Thief, Christof/Dragonborn Hexblade(Absent); New Guy: Human Female Mage, Lydel; BigBobbieK: Human Hunter, Garrus(Absent);  Mordakker Arjhan Dragonborn Cavalier;  Theater Boy: Yurk, Half-Orc Druid

The game started with the original party taking shelter in an abandoned store for the rest of the night.  As morning approached a loud knock came at the door.  Brahn opened it and there stood Arjhan he said he was looking for a dragonborn fugitive.  Row Bags character was revealed to be that person.  Row bags character said he was trying to change and he was not that person any longer.  Arjhan agreed to give him a chance and said he will observe him.  The same time a half-orc and a bear appeared in the door way.  The party excepted Yurk a little more willingly.  As they were discussing their next course of action they all heard a scream coming from a cathedral in town.  They all left towards it and fought and killed the undead inside which one of those undead was Grugni.  The party then moved on to Nemark where they encountered a Ceruan army.  The army had stopped the Drow siege but was unable to save the mages.  The commander of the army thinks the Drow went to Ezra’s forest where he believes there is an entrance to the underdark.  The party decides to go there.

End Session

I thought this was a really good game.  There was some interruptions but overall alot of fun.

Great points of the evening-

– Hearing how everybody was worried about by new way of handling encounters.

– Tacos

–  Having some really great roleplaying moments.

Some low points –

–  When I got a little upset at my keyboard not working.

–  When the first time we had a true roleplaying encounter most every player treated this guy like a push over.  If I had ran this guy like I should have everybody’s head would be on a spike and we would be writing up new characters.

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