World of Warcraft Ultimate DM’s Edition

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Computers, RPG, Video Game

A little over year and half ago my wife talked me into playing WOW with her.  I of course liked it.  My friends caught wind of this and suggested we do a weekly game together.  Which was great until we stopped doing it a month later.  When I first started playing Aeromir suggested we play on an RP server.  I thought to myself wait I can create quest for other players to enjoy, wow this is awesome but unfortunately I misunderstood.  I got to thinking about it today wouldn’t it be cool if you could do that.  You go to Lion’s Pride inn in Goldshire and  you see a exclamation point above a women.  You open the quest and you find out her Logging camp was attacked by Kobolds and she asks your help.  I know WOW has built in quest but wouldn’t be cool to build your own.  You could make an entire campaign with a world that is already built.  I hope MMO’s one day evolve to do that but for now I will just have to enjoy the stuff they give me.

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