Star Wars Devils Corridor 3/17/11

Posted: March 23, 2011 in RPG

My Star Wars itch has been intensifing for quite sometime.  Luckily my friend Lee decided to run Star Wars in the rebellion era.  Here is a wrap up:

Cast:  Row Bag: Sullustan Scoundral; Me: Darius Aidrin, Human, Noble

We decided in our character history’s that we grew up together.  We went to the same private schools.  When I graduated college I told my Dad I wanted to the see the galaxy so he bought me a star yacht, designed to my specifications of course and then we were off.  We had stopped at several mid rim planets but they quickly got boring.  So we heard about the Devil’s Corridor.  If a person wanted to have fun that is where they go.  So off we went.

We docked and got the standard, don’t blow up the station, we will want money, you look to wealthy to hang out at the seedy part of town, and on and on.  We made our way to our hotel settled our luggage and then decided to check out the Muddy Bantha a seedy bar on level 6.  Darius decided to find a bookie so he could place a bet on the upcoming fight.  The Sullustan decided to try find something to do.  After a few minutes Darius is waved to a table by his friend who is sitting talking to some lizard like alien.  Turns out he is one of the fighters in tonights match.  He asks us to free him from his contract.  He tells us that his contract holder is Argnos a Zabrak.  Hell we don’t have anything else to do.  As we are about to leave 6 thugs enter the bar.  They head straight towards a Wookie.  The Wookie sees them and engages.   The Sullustan decides he is going to shoot one of the thugs and misses badly.  Darius hides underneath the table.   The Sullustan gets shot by one of the thugs who starts to head towards our table.   The Sullustan shoots again and takes down the thug.  The Wookie finishes the last of the thugs and comes over to our table.  He says it might be a good idea to leave now.  We follow out the door and in to the alley.

End Game

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