Massive Halo Star Gate Trek Wars

Posted: April 11, 2011 in RPG

What started out as a joke to pick on Lee has become my groups next campaign idea.  A couple of years ago I ran a Star Wars Stargate game.  It was meant to be short just something to be fun.  Most of the players loved it.  Well I was joking with Lee about doing it again, Lee being a huge Star Wars fan and not much of a Star Gate fan threatened to burn down my house if I ever create such a horror.  Then everyone else in the group got on in the act.  The next thing I know a game idea was forming.  A merger of Star Gate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Halo.  After a week and a half I have most of the background finished and have decided which system to use.

The system I am going to use is d20 Star Wars(not Saga).  It can easily be changed to add 1 class and you would have everything covered.

The setting was a little more difficult and this is still a work in progress but here is what I have so far.

Oh and if you plan on playing these games or have not seen the endings of the series then you might want to leave because here be SPOILERS!!!!!  Oh and not everything is going to fit perfectly so I have made some changes.


I decided to make the Illusive Man decides to use a new piece of Prothean technology to travel back in time hoping to give humanity a better start in galatic affairs.

Meanwhile, the Covenant have learned to use Forerunner technology that would allow them to travel back in time and wipe out humanity before they become a threat.

In 2012 the SGC discovered they were running low on Naquda so they mothballed any technology using it until more was found.  43 years later an agent reports to the SGC that they have found Naquda but it disappeared almost as fast as it appeared.  The SGC decides to investigate the images they send back to Earth of a large Triangle shaped ship in front of a Super Star Gate that the SGC was unaware existed.    The large ship was followed by several smaller ships.  The last image the SGC transmits back to Earth is the big triangle ship launches a ball of lightning at the the SGC ship and then the transmission ends.  The SGC sends all remaining vessels to investigate.  There is a battle and the SGC seems to be holding it own when the Super Gate activates the SGC thing the other ships are going to retreat they briefly get a reading of Naquda from the other side.  However, several large ships appear out of the Super Gate and destroy the SGC ships.  Over the next year or so the SGC learns that several systems are being taken over from these people from the Super Star Gate.  The rumors are these people have advanced technology and seem to be able to control things without touching them.  The SGC tries to help where they can but are unable to do much.  Through one of these trips for aid they inadvertently let the invaders who call themselves the Sith learn Earth’s address.  The SGC learn that after several repeated attempts to come through the Star Gate the Sith are heading towards Earth with a fleet.  The SGC decides to make a last ditch effort they decide to use the Star Gate to go to another dimension and ask for help.

The Federation is working on a new propulsion system that would allow the Starship Voyager to return to Earth sooner.  At Jupiter station they working around the clock to develop the system.  They are ready to start a trial run they are able to achieve their goals until the ship suddenly explodes.  The explosion results in a sub-space bubble.

When the SGC dials for the alternate dimension the Wormhole passes through the sub-space bubble.  The Forerunner and Prothean tech pass through the bubble as well causing a rift and suddenly all 4 universes merge.  On minute you are drinking a cup of coffee in Ten Foward on the Enterprise-E the next minute you are docking at the Citadel.  You have the memory of growing up in Kansas on Earth but you also remember growing up on Vulcan.

While this happens the Sith fleet enters orbit around Earth and start the bombardment of Earth.  Everyone aboard the diffrent ships now orbiting Earth where there were non finally start fighting back and the Sith ship jump to hyper space.  The ships think they were successful but moments later several explosions are detected on Earth.  Then in one final grand explosion Earth explodes.

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