Posted: May 11, 2011 in RPG

To any reader of this blog I must seem insane or unfocused.  One moment I am touting 4e Essentials the next I am talking about Dragon Age.  I don’t know what it is.  Every few months I feel the need to branch into something else.  I would love to have a game last from level 1 to 30 but for some reason all my games never reach that point.  Either the players stop showing up(which thankfully doesn’t happen that often) or I just get tired of the campaign.  The good thing about this is I get to see what other roleplaying games are out there.

The first campaign I ever played in was in Traveller, I don’t know what edition.  I didn’t know the rules, heck I didn’t write up my character.  The Referee told us to roll 2d6 and add the modifiers on out character sheet.  We had alot of fun, some inside jokes were made.  Like I was playing a member of the dog aliens (can’t rmember the name of the species) and every time we jumped I had to roll up the window because my head was hanging out.  Or the joke that my bathroom was just a fire hydrant in my room.  So I decided to look into Traveller.

Mongoose put out a new version of the game in 2008.  According to the reviews it is the closest to the original ruleset.  A couple of features I like about it is character generation.  You gain skills from you past experiences.  So you get skills from your homeworld, your education and your years of service in a paticular group affiliation.  The rules for space travel seem extensive.  I am looking forward to giving it a test run.  At least until I get another wild hair up my a…….

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