An Interview with Anthony Roselli (Part 1)

Posted: May 17, 2011 in RPG

May 3, 1963:  Once again this reporter has traveled the nation trying to find stories of American heroes.  I arrived at an old folks home outside of Lockwood, Montana.  I walk into the main lobby and ask for a Anthony Roselli.  The nurse walks me to a room where an old man is sitting in his bed watching Have Gun will Travel.  He sees me enter the room and asked me to shut off “the picture show”.  He is a frail thing nothing more than skin and bones.  I did some research on Anthony before visiting him and it seems he has been in this nursing home for the last 30 years which seems like a long time but after seeing him in person I can believe it.  The nurse tells me he is dying of cancer.  He looks at me and says “You better get one of them recording devices.  You will want to get all of this story.”  He says this with an Italian accent but every once in awhile he slips into a Southern or Irish accent.  I retrieve my tape recorder and get it started.  He immediately launches into a tail both exciting and unbelievable.  This is word for word his story:

My brother and I came over from Italy, it took some convincing but I was able to talk Santino to coming to America I told him it would be an adventure.  For the first few years it was boring as we made our way west, however things started getting interesting once we were in Kentucky.  We had only been there a few days trying to earn some money so we could continue west.  Santino had been playing cards and losing badly, I had been trying to talk to a lovely girl without much luck either.  I looked up as I heard shouting. Santino had a confused look on his face as one of the other men was pointing a gun at him and calling him a cheat.  I raised my voice and told the man not to call my brother a cheat.  The man said mind my own business as he thumbed back the hammer of his gun.  Without thinking I drew my gun and pointed at the man and was about to tell him to drop his gun.  When he turned towards me I knew he was going to kill me.  I pulled the trigger and he died, however it wasn’t my shot that killed him I am sure I missed.  The people in the saloon thought otherwise and started yelling for the sheriff.  Santino had evidently came out of his stupor and was running for the door yelling for me to follow.  We both jumped on our horses and started our way west.  We stopped in St. Louis for a few days when Sheriff William Hershman caught up with us we were in a saloon when he came in with a gun pointing at each of us and said one of you sons of bitchs killed my son and I aim to kill the one responsible.  (At my confused look Anthony chuckles and says)  Me and Santino were identical twins and we had found it beneficial to dress identical and act identical.  There we are with one pissed off sheriff and a room full of people.  I looked at the sheriff and said I am the one who shot your son let’s go outside and do this like gentlemen.  Hershman agreed we stepped outside and the street emptied real quick like.  Hershman on one end me on the other.  We locked eyes, time seemed to slow down.  I drew my pistol as he drew his, I thumbed the hammer back as I was drawing.  I leveled the firearm when he got to my waist and pulled the trigger.  Hershman was still lifting his gun out of his holster when my bullet tore through his upper thigh, he collapsed to the ground.  I walked over to him and kicked the gun away from him.  I kneeled down and put the gun to his head.  Then I said, “Remember this day for the rest of your life.  I could of killed you but I chose to disarm you instead.  Your leg will heal.  My brother and I just want to make our way west we don’t aim to harm anyone.  Your son pointed a gun at my brother, in Italy we don’t take kindly to that.  He then pointed the same gun at me and almost shot me.  Instead I shot him first.  Now I think you are good man, that is why I let you live.  Now go back to Kentucky and grieve for your son.”  The bastard then said, “I will see you hang, you piece of shit.  You and your brother are going to be hunted down and dragged in front of me.  I will then hang your sorry ass.  Then I will send your rotting corpses home to your bitch of a mother.”  He acted like he was going to say more I didn’t give him the chance.  I shot him.  Anthony paused in his story and laughs.  He looks at me and says “That turned into the biggest mistake of my life.”  and laughs a little more, his laughs turn to coughs.  He keeps coughing and I see blood coming up.  I call for the nurses who come and settle Anthony down.  One of the nurses asks me to come back tomorrow Mr. Roselli needs to rest.  Until tomorrow faithful readers.

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