Mortal Kombat

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Video Game

Picked up the newest Mortal Kombat for my PS3 a week ago.  One word “Awesome”.

Lets get the not so Awesome parts of the game over with first.  The first thing that I noticed was the title screen taking an incredible long time to load up, then there is a few seconds before you can make a selection.  The second thing is no fatalities in the story mode, after playing over half of the story so far I can understand why.  But it would still be nice.  Third, I really really liked, Shaolin Monks, and the Conquest modes on Armageddon and Deception and I was really hoping a return to something similar in this game.  Lastly, the Krypt, intially a neat concept but I don’t really want to see a football field sized graveyard and realize I have to go through every single tombstone to get everything unlocked.

Now the Awesome parts of the game.  The designers have done something amazing.  They took a tale that is over a decade old polished it, refined it and released it.  I have nostalgia while playing this game and yet I am playing a modern game.  I see the new subway stage and remember the old subway and think how far things have come.  The story mode is a lot of fun and every time I think it is getting to the end a new chapter starts and I get to play as a new character.  Test you luck is alot of fun it adds variety and WTFness to a fight.  X-ray attacks are a hoot as well, it is even fun to see other people use them on me.  They are also a great advantage when you are loosing.  Tag team is fun.  All in all the game helps me realize Mortal Kombat is going to be around for awhile.

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