Dragon Age

Posted: July 19, 2011 in RPG

This weekend our normal weekly game was cancelled, so I decided to run a one shot Dragon Age game.  I have had the box set for about six months now and have wanted to give it a whirl.  The mechanics of the game are pretty simple you roll 3d6 add in associated ability add in a focus and bam.  What makes the game interesting is stunt points.  Imagine playing a game of D & D and about every 3 to 6 turns you get a critical hit.  That is sort of what stunt points are.  When you roll 3d6 your roll 2d6 of one color die and 1d6 of another color die, this die is called your dragon die.  It comes into play for other things in the game but when it is most beneficial is when you roll doubles on any of the 3d6 and score a successful attack.  When you do this you get stunt points equal to the amount on the dragon die.  You then spend the stunt points immediately.  They allow taking an extra turn, doing extra damage, change initiative order, and several other things.  I think this is what makes Dragon Age really shine.  The combat was slow but that might have been because our newness to the game.  My group enjoyed it so much they want to play it on Thursdays instead of Star Wars.   We will see how this pans out.

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