Gen Con 2011

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Misc., RPG

This will mark the 5th time I have been to Gen Con.  I may or may not but a recap up on the blog here.

Every time I go to Gen Con I love it, to me it is like being at mall that caters to only Geeks.  You get free demoes, books that are too cheap to believe, t-shirts that only you and your buddies understand, and dice.  Not only that but there is usually booth babes and hot chick who like to dress up in very little clothing and parade around in a costume.  Then you put on top of that every game running you can imagine is being ran somewhere within a 2 block radius.

This trip is slightly different, this time around I am going with my wife and several friends.  Normally I went by myself.  But now I will have friends running around with me.

The only drawback to Gen Con for me is when I go it is my only vacation time for an entire year.  So I have to shove a relaxing vacation on top of running around Indy for an entire weekend.  However, I am still incredibly excited to be going.  This time around I do plan to do a lot more.

If I don’t post before then I will post after Gen Con.

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