Gen Con 2011 what I did

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Misc., RPG

This Gen Con was slightly different from the last few I went to.  This time around we had a group of 7 of us who went.  As usual I kept my schedule light so I could spend alot of time in the merchant hall.  However I did manage to make it to two games and a seminar.


We arrived and met up together at the convention center.  We walked around grabbed our goody bags then headed out to find dinner.  Nothing incredible went on that night except one of my friends was playing Magic against me and was able to pull a 12/12 out by turn 4.  Cough, Cough, Cheese, Cough.


The first event we did was Zombies 3d, where a guy took the Zombie game and built 3d models for it.  This was a great way to start off the con and initially I didn’t want to play but I was extremely happy I did.  After that we went to check out the exhibit hall.  My first stop was for Green Ronin’s booth so I could pick up Dragon Age Set 2.  Then we spend a couple of hours just checking it out.  Then we grabbed lunch.  Which was at Buffalo Wings and Rings which was great and if you are in downtown Indy you should give it a try.  I then had a seminar I was looking forward to which was how to create memorable NPC’s.  Except the person running the seminar never showed.  Luckily the people in the room started sharing ideas which was kinda neat and I got to hear an interesting concept for a Dresden Files game.  We then made our way to Buca Di Pepo’s (I think that is how it is spelled) and had a big group dinner.  We finished off the night with a Burlesque show which was… interesting(and not in a sick pervert way but in a not what I expected way).


I did have anything early to get to Friday so we spent more time in the exhibit hall.  Had lunch inside the convention center which prices were pretty high but not totally unreasonable.  Then off to Queen of Geeks.  Now I do not mean any offense to these ladies.  However, I was really disappointed in how this was handled.  First off this was meant to be a pageant of sorts.  So I expected the girls to be pretty(and I don’t mean hot, I mean the take care in their appearance and carry themselves with respect) these girls looked like the just spent all day watching something mind numbing then threw some clothes on and showed up this event. One girl had a costume on but it looks like she has fake barf on her cheeks(what the hell is that about), then the MC which was the best looking one up there had questions that were incredibly difficult.  We finished our day at Scotty’s Brewhouse, the manager puts on a big production for Gen Con.  All the waitresses were dressed up.  They had geek movies on the TV’s(I wish ever bar did this all the time).  The food was good.


In the morning I played the new Mistborn game by Crafty-Games.  My intial judgement of the game was affected by the earliness of the game and the fact that this was my first time gaming in a room with a bunch of other people running different games.  Met up with the group afterwards and we finally got to try out Mage Wars.  The reason I wanted to try it was for the free T-shirt, but I enjoyed the hell out of the game and plan on buying it when it comes out.  We then went Swimming.  Then after about half an hour of discussing dinner options we went to Rock Bottom.  Which besides the odd waiter was the restaurant was great.


By Sunday I was frazaled, I was getting tired of people and Monday morning was coming quicker than I would of liked.  So by the time we got to the convention center I was ready to punch ever inconsiderate jerk I could find and on top of that I went to use the bathroom and by shorts got wet( I hope from water but I guessing it was something else).  It was nice to take another stroll the exhibit hall we found so good sales and bought some more stuff, one of my other buddies and I tried Mage Wars again both to mine and his delight.  While waiting to play Mage Wars we checked out the gameing tables that now have touchscreen capability.  Which turned into a demonstration of  D20Pro both products were amazing and if the cost wasn’t so high would be interested.  Then came the moment I had dreaded the entire time, the drive home.  We waved goodbye to our friends and left Indy in our rearview mirror and made the trip home.  All the while thoughts of next years con dancing in our heads.

  1. Thanks for posting this. I haven’t been to Gen Con since it moved to Indy. That said, I’m hoping to next year.

    Is the convention center right in the heart of downtown? Were your lodgings within walking distance?

    Scotty’s Brewhouse sounds like a fun time. I’ll have to look it up if I make it next year.

  2. ashimar2 says:

    Yep. the convention center is downtown. We stayed 3/4 of a mile from the convention center. There are several hotels connected the convention center and as we found out are reasonably priced. If you go next year I highly recommend you visit Gen Con’s website and register they have special housing deals for attendees.

  3. Cool. Thanks for the information.

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