A Rift inside me

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Computers, RPG

At Gen Con they handed out free copies of Rift.  You also got a month free subscription with the game.  I decided to give it a try.  First impression: the gameplay is almost identical to WOW.  I finally got my third soul last night and teleported to the past last night.  Haven’t played too much in the past.  But I do dig the Mage class, see in Rift you are a resurrected being.  Your world has been overran by some awesome bad guy thing.  Your job is to travel into the past and stop evil bad guy from gaining power enough to conquer your world.  At different stages in the game you will collect souls.  These souls will give specialization in your particular class.  My buddy Aeromir is a Mage as well but he went Necromancer and even though were both Mages we do far different spells which is cool.

The Rift inside of me comes from my decision of either continuing to play this game or not.  See earlier this year I was playing WOW, WOW is okay and something fun to do with the wife but that extra 15 dollars a month just hits me hard sometimes.  So we both quite playing.  However since then my wife has started playing again and I have been thinking about myself starting back up as well.  On top of that there is a new MMO coming out this year called Star Wars Old Republic that is looking to be pretty good and I am seriously thinking about picking it up since most of my friends are talking about picking it up as well.

My options are thus:  Keep playing Rift (I am actually really enjoying it),  Play WOW with the wife (which I enjoying playing with her but I think I like Rift more than WOW), Play Rift till Star Wars comes out, or save 15 bucks a month and play XBOX or PS3 instead.

Currently thinking about playing Rift till Star Wars comes out.


  1. David Gay says:

    I also tried my Gen Con copy of Rift last night. I would actually go as far as to say that it *is* WoW. If I were you, I’d just play whichever game you have the most friends on. Sounds like you’ve got a decision to make, seeing as your wife plays WoW and your friend plays Rift… Perhaps try and get one into the other game?

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