New Year’s Resolutions

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Misc., RPG, Video Game

Every year I get asked my New Years Resolutions.  I found a long time ago that New Years resolutions don’t work for me.  However it is kinda fun to come up with goals for this year and see if you can accomplish them.  So I am going to list them here.  I will break them up by category.

 Gaming Resolutions

To actually read all my new Pathfinder books from cover to cover.  I have a bad habit of only browsing my RPG books and then only using them for reference so I am going to try and read them all.

 To finish the Legacy of Fire campaign I just started.  My group has a bad habit of not making it past level 10 in our campaigns.  I am going to make us finish this one.  Plus it seems like a really cool campaign.

To be more descriptive in games I run.  Sometimes I am thinking too far ahead and I don’t describe the current scene well enough I must try and be more descriptive.

To finish all the games I bought in 2010.  I got a PS3 for Christmas in 2010 and I bought a bunch of games for it.  I haven’t played a lot of them.  I am going to play them in 2012.

To make it to Level 50 in Star Wars the Old Republic.  This one shouldn’t be too hard.  I love this game.

 Financial Resolutions

This is the same every year and every year I fail.  However, I am going to list it here.  Pay off credit card debt.

House Resolutions

Hang up artwork and pictures around the house.


Add insulation to the attic.

Personal Resolutions

Oh man I really have my foot in my mouth on this one.  I really don’t concern myself a whole lot about losing wait.  But recently I have been put on a no chew diet after an oral surgery.  After two weeks I have lost 20 pounds.  I look better and above all I feel better.  My knees don’t hurt and I have notice my energy levels are a lot higher.  So I am not going to be gung ho about losing more weight but I will try to maintain.

In conclusion

I want to say happy new year to you all.  Also don’t forget according to a lot of crazy people this is the last year for the Human race.  So before December 21, 2012 have a great year.

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