Posted: January 30, 2012 in RPG

Imagine something that you have heard about all your life.  For me that something is Shadowrun.  Even before I really knew what RPGs were I remember friends talking about the game in middle school.  I have never had the opportunity to play this game until Saturday.  I bought the 3rd Edition rule book I even read about a quarter of it but still never played.  I tried running the quick start rules a year or two ago but I failed miserably.  However, like I said I finally got my chance to play in this game called Shadowrun this Saturday.

I really didn’t know what to create.  I first started creating a Street Samurai, pretty much a fighter in other setting.  As I started creating the character I started creating something different he became more of a face a Captain Kirk or Jack O’neil with a little Ethan Hunt thrown into the mix.  I made him an Elf and called him Reese.  From there I developed a back story his parents had okay money and were doctors.  They tried pushing Reese towards that life but Reese didn’t want to be tied to a corporation so he became a runner.

I tried really hard to make Reese a well rounded character.  He had a little of this and a little of that.  I was pretty excited to be rolling 9d6 for my Firearms.

The game started and I quickly realized my character who was rolling 9d6 for Firearms wasn’t impressive.  A couple of other people were rolling 15 to 20d6 for their character in their specialties.  Luckily the GM is allowing me to rewrite my character.

I am currently reading the book cover to cover hopefully this will allow me to fully understand the setting.

Overall Shadowrun intrigues me it is a dark setting with a lot of tech and magic thrown in.  I haven’t had much of a play through so I really can’t give my impression of the mechanics.

Until next time.

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