Video Games 2012

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Video Game

1/31 Soul Caliber 5 – I am only kinda interested in this.  I love fighting games and I have followed the Soul Caliber since Soul Calibur 2.

2/07 Kingdoms of Amalure:Reckoning – I was barely aware of this game.  I really wasn’t interested at all.  However, I found out that if you play the demo it give you DLC for Mass Effect 3 so I gave it a shot.  I played the game for thirty minutes and fell in love.  Take Fable and crank it up about 5 notches.

3/07 Mass Effect 3 – I am going to put this simply.  I. AM. GETTING. THIS. GAME.

3/07  Street Fighter X Tekken – Kinda interested only because it is a fighting game.

3/20  Ninja Gaiden 3 – Who doesn’t want to be a Ninja.

7/3   Amazing Spider Man – I am interested in the game because they are going back to the style of game they used on Spider-man 2 free roaming overNew York City.

8/1  Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – Batman plus lego’s equal awesome.

12/31  Transformers Fall of Cybetron – Take Call of Duty add in Trasformers and you get this game.  Only reason I am watching this game is because it is Transformers.

TBA  Halo 4 – Bungie created an amazing story for every game I am interested to see what 343 Studios does.

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