Legacy of Fire 1/2 Point

Posted: June 8, 2012 in RPG

At the beginning of this year I started GMing Legacy of Fire for Pathfinder.  Legacy of Fire is an Adventure Path by Paizo that will take the heroes from level 1 to 15 or 16 from Paizo.  The Campaign takes place in the country of Katapesh.  The group just finished the third module of the series and I wanted to give a halfway point review.  So here goes:

Real quick plot synopsis (SPOILER FREE):  Heroes start working for a woman named Almah, she wants to reopen the currently Gnoll held city ofKelmarane.  The adventure then takes you to the House of the Beast in theBrazenPeaksand then to Katapesh the city.

The storyline is pretty epic and intriguing my players have really enjoyed the game from the first game.

The only low point of the game was the 2nd module which is pretty much one huge dungeon.  However that might be just my group, we aren’t big fans of dungeons.


Really well written story.

A lot of roleplay opportunities.

Great production value.



2nd Moudule.

Made for 3.5 so you have to convert everything to Pathfinder.

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