My Post Gen Con Post 2012 Edition

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Misc., RPG

Another Gen Con has come and gone.  This year was my 5th Gen Con.  However it was the first year that I had 14 friends with me.  I had some good experiences and some bad.  Overall I still had my best four days of gaming.   Here is a summary of stuff I did.


My wife and I decided to go up Wednesday we used a bus to get to Indy which was pretty fun and will consider doing that again.  We arrived at the Mariott around 11:30 and had all afternoon to goof off till the rest of the group showed up.  We soaked in the Hot Tub, walked around the mall and walked around the convention center.  People finally arrived around 7:30 and we had California Pizza kitchen then we went back to the hotel and we played Magic till 1ish.


Walked around the exhibit hall I tried out the Least I Could Do card game which was pretty cool.  Then it was off to Zombies Corporate Inc.  Overall I enjoyed the game but some of the others didn’t.  Then back to the exhibit hall.  We had dinner at Buca Di Peppo’s that evening they have a circular room that was perfect for our larger group.  After dinner we headed over to our Artimis game.  For those of you who don’t know Artimis is Starship Bridge Simulator using 6 Networked computers.  The game was pretty fun but the time went by way too fast.


More walking around the exhibit hall played Telestrations and Big Bang Theory the card game.  Telestrations was pretty fun as a party game and Big Bang Theory would be a lot better if it wasn’t a clone of Apples to Apples.  At 2pm we had a game of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying the Watcher wasn’t as enthusiastic as he could be but other than that the game was fun and I look forward to playing with someone who is more animated.  Then it was off to Dinner at Rock Bottom which didn’t impress us as much as it did last year but was still good.  Then back to the hotel for gaming in the lobby.


We had a mission to find a book for my Brother in Law so Brandon Sanderson could sign it.  We weren’t as successful as we would of liked but we did find a few things.  While we were looking around I found out that Fantasy Flight was finally releasing some Star Wars Roleplaying, I bought the book with out even checking out the system.  Fantasy Flight is usually a good company and I love Star Wars so I thought why not.  There are certainly things that raise my eyebrow but over all the game intrigues me. Then I was off to Star Wars RPG d6 ran by Sparks.  The game went pretty good actually one of the best game I have ever had at a Con.  Dinner at Hard Rock then off to watch after a 13 year old while everyone else went to the Masquerade ball (in my opinion I got the better end of the deal).


The last day of the Con is always the weirdest you are tired from the last 3 days, you are kinda ready to go home, people nerves are frayed for dealing with thousands of gamers but you don’t want the gaming awesomeness to end.  We spent more time checking out the exhibit hall played a couple more demo games.  Station Master which was a great quick game with interesting strategy potential and 3v3 which the wife really liked.

A few lessons learned or ideas for next year

Exhibit Hall

My favorite part about Gen Con is walking around the exhibit hall buying stuff and trying new games.  I feel like I really didn’t get as much time to do that this year.  So I think next year I am not going to schedule any events during exhibit hall hours.  Unless there is a cool seminar that really tempts me.

Time to De Geek

I know this sounds weird but I think next year I am going to take an hour or so and find a nice corner of the con to chill and collect my thoughts it really felt like I was running from place to place this year without break.

Let someone else pay for the hotel

I stressed about money all weekend.  I was worried that Discover would screw up and say nope you don’t have enough or price at restaurants would skyrocket or something like that.  I think next year I will just pay someone my share of the hotel early and that way they can pay and I don’t worry about it.

Well that was Gen Con for me.

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