Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta (not review)

Posted: August 22, 2012 in RPG

  I have made it a quarter through Edge of the Empire the new Star Wars Roleplaying game by Fantasy Flight Games.  At first I experienced buyer remorse (I didn’t even open the book before I bought and on top of that it is a Beta version of the game which is planned to be released next year) but after I have spent some time reading through this book I am really liking what Fantasy Flight is doing.  This is by no means a end all be all review or a crack on any other versions of Star Wars Roleplaying out there.  This is just a listing of things I have found interesting.

First off the big one, Funny Dice

Edge of the Empire uses custom dice like Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay does.  The book comes with a sticker sheet to modify your existing dice.  There is also a table you can consult if you just want to stick to your normal dice.  Now that I have read through the book I find it interesting to use the custom dice and it looks like fun.  Because lets face it most of us love to buy dice and the numbers usually don’t mean squat anyway.  Anyone who is hung up on this one thing I say give it a shot and see what you think.

 Dice Pools

The way they currently have Dice Pools is interesting.  The Active player is the only one who rolls dice.  Even on opposed checks.  Example: On Static Checks the Active player adds what is called difficulty die to dice pool based on the difficulty set by the GM.  On Opposed checks the Active player adds difficulty die and challenge die depending on the opposing NPC’s chararistics and skills.


A really interesting mechanic.  Each PC selects an obligation, they owe a debt, they have a bounty on there head or something of that nature.  Then the GM will decide how much of an impact that has on the PC.  A PC can also increase the impact the Obligation it has on him to receive more starting XP.  Where this becomes important is at the start of every game session the GM will roll on the obligation chart.  If the groups total obligation is less then the die roll then the group is stressed about their situation and suffer penalties for the rest of the game session.  Which can be handy to throw a little more roleplay in there.  Like the collector sending a message with pay now or I am placing a bounty on your head or the group hears rumors that a bounty hunter has been tracking them.  Also the person whose number got rolled takes double the penalty because he is the one under the most stress.  Overall a really interesting idea and mechanic and I can’t wait to see it in use.

Destiny Points

They make a come back from Saga Edition.  At the Beginning of the Session the GM will as the Force Users to roll a force die and the GM will tally the number of Light Side Points and Dark Side Points.  As the Game Progresses the Players can use Lights Side Points but when they do it increases the Dark Side pool and the GM can use Dark Side points but when the GM does it increase the Light Side pool.  Here again a interesting idea.

Like I said I have not read through the book nor have I played in a game but the more time I spend reading it the more I am liking it.

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