Meet Professor Alter

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Books, RPG
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This is a character I wrote up using the Random Character Generator for the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game.  The best part is the fact that the game I played as him in was maybe 20 minutes long and we accidently released Carnage, Venoms psychotic son.  OOPs!


Jeff Sanders had graduated from MIT with several master degrees in the Technology field so it was no surprise when Oscorp hired him the day of his graduation.  He worked for 5 years at Oscorp developing new tech for the company. As he worked there and his clearance got higher and higher Jeff started finding out  more and more about Oscorp projects that were well beyond what could be considered ethical science.  One such project was an aerosol when sprayed into the subjects room would make the subject body mass increase 10 fold and eventually rupture tissue killing the patient.  Jeff decided he wasn’t going to work for a company that used science unethically.  He took his newest project a pair of bracelets that created a field of invisibility.  He turned in his two week notice.  Two months later he snuck into one of the bio labs where they were performing experiments on convicts 95% of them did not survive the process.  He went to the storage tanks and turned off the pressure relief valve thinking the the pressure will gradually blow the tanks and destroy the lab.  The tanks blew sooner than he had anticipated, flinging him forward the wall.  He woke a few minutes later warning bells blaring and the sound of running feet approaching.  He saw the first response teams come in and they didn’t seem to see him.  He quietly snuck out the door of the lab.  The next morning he woke up feeling “different”.  He only had a few hours sleep but he felt like he had slept 8.  He decided to lay out on the roof of his apartment building and read a book.  He got really engrossed in the book and read it all the way through.  When he finally finished the book he realized he had been out in the sun for 8 hours.  His body was just as white as it usually was.  However he was a little thirsty and his lemonade glass had been empty for several hours.  As he thought about what he wanted to drink he got his glass and started heading to the roof door when it finally hit him raspberry iced tea would be perfect as he had the thought his book melted out of his hands into his glass.  He looked at the glass the book had some how been turned into raspberry iced tea.  Then Jeff started putting things together the blast from the lab the invisibility field bracelets.  Somehow the chemicals in the tank had mixed with the invisibility field and altered his DNA he had been given super powers.  Jeff quickly started doing more test realizing some of the things he had thought was weird today.  First off he hadn’t eaten all day but yet he felt great.  He had been out in the sun for over 8 hours and it didn’t give him a bad burn like it should have.  The final one though was the raspberry iced tea.  Jeff quickly ran downstairs to his apartment.  He started experimenting.  First it was seeing what he could turn into raspberry iced tea, then he examined what he could change into what.  He discovered that he can change anything into anything else.  Book to tea, water to wine, toaster to loaf of bread it was amazing.  He quickly learned what his new abilities were he could transmutate objects, he had resistance to Cosmic energy, and had increased stamina.  Combine that with the invisibility and a focused beam blaster from the bracelets and Jeff learned he could help out, heck he could become a super hero.

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