Edge of the Empire my thoughts

Posted: October 25, 2012 in RPG

Let me start by saying I am pretty big Star Wars fan.  When I say this I don’t mean I have memorized all the names of every single character, I haven’t had long debates on who shot first and I don’t get mad at George Lucas every time someone brings up the newer Trilogies.  What I mean by being a huge fan is I have watched all the movies, read a majority of the novels and have played several games in all published versions of the Star Wars license, this includes Star Wars d6, Star Wars d20 and Star Wars revised d20 and Star Wars Saga Edition.  When I was at Gen Con I bought the newest Star Wars game, Edge of the Empire, without reading a single review, without even looking in the book.  Now I am not saying I am proud of any of these “achievements”. I am just simply trying to establish my background.  Since I bought the Beta I have been reading the Forums and listening to my gamers feedback and I wanted to put my two cents in writing.  Here is a list of some of the complaints and my thoughts on them with Edge of the Empire.

Funky Dice – I can’t use my normal dice for this game

I can’t say much about this one at first, I was very hesitant and even groaned when I saw that it used custom dice.  All I can say is play it.  After playing with the custom dice I kind of wish more game would do it.


Character Creation – not enough starting credits

The common complaint is I can’t afford a good blaster or I don’t have enough money for gear.  I should be able to start the game with the gear I need to make my character be able to fill his role.

Well first off remember the name of the game Edge of the Empire, meaning Fringers, meaning hanging out on the Outer Rim.  Settlements are small, life is hard and not everybody has wads of cash.  Usually you trade to get commodities in this type of setting and like you said blasters are expensive someone is less likely to trade a blaster then say a commlink or heck even a datapad.  In addition to this I think the low credit amount adds to the game it gives the characters another goal something to look toward.  On top of everything Slugthrowers are dirt cheap, I know they don’t have a Star Wars “feel” but you buy one of those you have a decent amount of money left and you play 3 or 4 games and take a blaster pistol off a dead adversary seems pretty easy to me.

Characteristics – you can’t change them after character creation unless you take a talent tree to the end

This one is not as common amongst my players as it is on the Forums.

I think this stems from d20 players expecting an ability boost every 4 levels.  Again in the setting more things are based on skill opposed to pure ability.  I really think this is just power gamers wanting to find the win button for this RPG.

 Talent Trees – Why do I have to take a certain talent before I can take the talent I want

I kinda agree with this one however in defense on the way it is currently is the same way MMORPG’s have being doing it for years and I rarely here complaints about them.

The Force – I should be able to do more with the Force

This usually comes from a couple of different sources.  The first source is the SAGA players, the people who at 1st level build a Jedi that can rival Yoda.

The second group is power gamers again trying to find the win button and the third is people without patience.

Let get this clear, YOU ARE NOT YODA, DARTH VADER, MACE WINDU, etc.  You are Luke Skywalker at the beginning of Empire Strikes Back, you are hanging upside down in an ice cave, a Wampa is about to have you for dinner and you have to try with all your might for your lightsaber to fly out of the snow and into your hand but all it does is wiggle a little.

Things that I really like


The Obligation mechanic is a great addition.  It allows the players and GM to have an instant hook for adventures and allows in game bonuses for the Obligation.

Critical Hit chart

The critical hit chart is pretty neat and it shows when your character has been really hit by a weapon.  As an added bonus the critical hit stays on your character until it is healed even if the effect has gone away.

Destiny Pool

One of the problems I have heard about Star Wars Roleplaying game is that most of them handle Light Side and Dark Side points wonky.  The Destiny pool is great in showing the back and fourth of the Light Side and Dark Side.  If the GM spends a Dark Side point then the Group gets a Light Side point and vica versa.

Fantasy Flight Updates

Fantasy Flight has been on the ball with updates.  Every week on Wednesday they release a new update and they haven’t failed yet.  It shows that they are invested in this game.


Things that bug me

Damage and Healing

I understand having your heroes able to live after a fight but the damage seems to be healed relatively easy with the use of Stimpacks (which are dirt cheap).  Unless the character gets a critical hit against him.


You have released a new game that uses custom dice why aren’t they available for sell yet?

If you like Star Wars and are tired of the seriously cheesed out games that Saga Edition provides or you want a new system that is still supported unlike d6 then seriously look into Edge of the Empire.  I am loving it.

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