Posted: January 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

This weekend I got to use d20Pro for two different game and watch it be used for another.  I have had a mild interest in Virtual Table Tops for a couple of years now.  Although initially I wanted to use them on table size touch screens.  Unfortunately for me and my gaming group I do not have the funds to create such cool toys.  However the setup I was using this weekend was extremely good, efficient and well within my price range.

For those of you who don’t know d20Pro is a Virtual Table Top, a digital game table, a digital management system and a great visual tool for Role Playing games.  D20Pro is built to be used only for d20 games but the games I was running this weekend were not d20.

I was worried that the software would make the game feel to video game like but I was extremely wrong.  If anything it help to immerse you more into the game.

My experience this weekend was in 3 different games a game my friend who owned the software ran and 2 games I ran.  I was not playing in the first game and was just observing but I actually kinda liked watching the action on his 42” screen and also being able to hear what the players were saying to the DM.  He also had 2 remote players playing as well and you could not notice a hiccup in the gameplay and the main screen was being ran by a Netbook with d20Pro and handling 2 Skype calls which I found pretty impressive.

I ran two games with the software the first was the new and award wining game Marvel Heroic Roleplaying a fun super heroes game system by Margaret Weiss Productions.  As I said before d20Pro doesn’t handle non d20 game statistics but I was able to plop down effects and make notes for my players to see and found the combat quite enjoyable.  The other cool thing was I had an hour to load all the character images and build a map for the combat and I was able to do this with time to spare.  For those of you interested we ran 1 encounter and I chose the scene in the movie where Sabertooth flips over Wolverine’s truck in Canada and Cyclops and Storm show up out of no where to save them.  The scene was of coursed changed a little to have the additional players and more challenging battle.  But everybody had a great time.  Keep in mind I had been using the software for about 2 hours by the end of the game and the group did not notice a hiccup at all.

The second game I ran was the still in Beta Star Wars Edge of the Empire.  This system is again not d20 put I was able to use some of the features of the program no manage hit points and movement.  Again the software ran beautifully even handling space combat with some finagling of course.

Overall I am very impressed with the software and in serious consideration of picking it up.

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