Being a Geek

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Misc.

Being a Geek

Recently Wil Wheaton has posted links oh his blog (which I read on a regular basis and enjoy) and talked about what being a geek is. One of the links is of female geeks not getting accepted by their male geek counter parts. The other is the theory that being a geek is passionately loving something and diving fully into it. Whether it is Tabletop, books, movies, sports or even bird watching being passionate about something makes you a geek and I don’t 100% agree with that but first the lady geek problem.

Seriously I spent roughly 16 years of being in the dark about the world of geeks. The only link I had was my fondness for video games. Once I found that there are even cooler and more immersive games that I could play I was hooked. I dived into the geek world. I found Role Playing, Trading Card Games, Red Dwarf, Anime and Swords. When I moved out on my own and really was looking for a girl to join me on this adventure. I looked for geek girls and found that they aren’t in abundance.  Now 10 years later I am married to a fellow geek and have several female geek friends. But it infuriates me that guy geeks would straight say girl geeks aren’t true geeks. They are fakers and only there to try to find guys or only there to dress up. Let the ladies be I say. If they are true geeks then they will join our ranks and add to the fun and awesomeness of being a geek. If they aren’t true geeks then they will go back to being what they were before.

Which brings back to what is a geek.  Mr. Wil Wheaton says a geek is someone who is incredibly passionate towards certain subjects. But I have to disagree because that means everyone is a geek. A huge fan of the Green Bay Packers who goes to every game, wears a cheese hat and can tell you how many Super Bowls the Packers have won and all the data on the team past or present would be considered under Mr. Weaton’s definition a geek and I don’t agree. I went through a lot of crap for being a geek. I still get picked on and made fun of on a regular basis for liking the things I like. Because the things I like are not considered mainstream. I really don’t believe a sports fan and RPG nut are both geeks. And I will admit there is a little elitism in there as well but from my point of view the non mainstream people, the people who got picked on, the people who took crap for being different, the people who would rather read the hobbit then spend time at the gym, the people who played Magic during high school dances opposed to actually dancing these are the people who are geeks. These people went through a sort of initiation process listening to everyone telling them that video games are for kids, fantasy novels are stupid and Magic is a money waster and they kept doing the things they love. Those people are geeks. If I left any geek out I apologize. I don’t mean to single out sports fans but just the one I am more familiar with. Don’t get me wrong I think it awesome to be a fan of something but point is lets not use geek as a catch word for being passionate about something.

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