The Common Room

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Books, Misc., RPG

In the summer of 2005 I found a game store that opened a block from my house.  However, at that time my future was uncertain.  My girlfriend at the time was getting a Masters in Library Arts and it was possible that I would move with her when she found a job.  So I went to this game store but only occasionally.  A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving that year I broke up with my girlfriend.  A few months after that I bought a house in the city.  I decided that I was going to be sticking around for awhile so I need to make friends here.  After I bought the house I started hanging out at the game store.  Started playing and running games and quickly built up quite a lot of friends.  For 2 years I was at that place about 5 nights a week sometimes more.  I still remember it very fondly.  But the recession hit and coupled with various other reasons the store was forced to close exactly 2 years after I bought my house.  I moved games to my house and as the saying goes “life happened”.  I me my wife, married her, and continue to game.  However recently my wife asked me if there was a place I could game at on Saturdays.  To be fair I understand her want I have about 6 friends show up to game on Saturdays.  I know that many people every Saturday can be nerve racking but it is the only day that works for everybody.  After her request I start searching around town for a place to play.  Of course all the others agreed to have game at their houses which is fine but I also wanted to check out other options just in case their wives have problems with us.  I check the local game store which has always rubbed me the wrong way.  Unfortunatly they close too early for our game and there is no room available.  I checked the library, I have a friend who works there and is a gamer.  He says they have a room but the library closes too early.  He then tells me that he heard of a new game store opening up, in a month.   “What?” I say enthusiastically holding my breath for his reply.  He tells me the address but he says he doesn’t know the name.  I start digging.  After 2 days of asking around and scrounging the internet I find the truth, there is a new game store opening in town.  (Happy Dance)  I go and check out the store, they are still under construction but the store his here.  I send the owners a facebook message and make contact.  Now all I have to do is wait for The Common Room to open.


I know it is a really long winded story just to say a new game store is opening and I am really excited.  🙂

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